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The Ultimate Guide of Flying With Maltipoo In Australia

Flying with Maltipoo dog in AustraliaTravel between parts of Australia by air is probably the most popular method for tourists and other travelers alike. It is difficult to navigate the vast Australian continent. Driving from one end of the country to the other takes days.

When you are traveling with your dog, is it possible for it to fly with you? Is it possible for a dog to travel on a plane under certain circumstances, and on which flights are they allowed? My experience as a dog owner who has toured Australia multiple times with a pet has taught me a few tips on how to make the trip to Australia as seamless as possible.

The Ultimate Guide of Flying With A Maltipoo In Australia

Some processes in Australia are altered due to COVID-19, where most flights have been canceled and travel is restricted between states. Pets are required to be transported by an independent pet transportation company when traveling on Virgin Australia. Qantas does not currently accept reservations for pet travel accompanied by humans, but it does accept unaccompanied pet travel online or through pet transport services. This is the estimated date (12/08/2020, subject to change).

Thanks for stopping by! My Maltipoo dog, Queen, and I have traveled around the world together to 23 different countries. The subject of dogs and travel is my passion. From dog-friendly destinations to pet-friendly lodging, I have all the tips you need. You might be inspired to travel with your dog after reading this!

Flying with maltipoo dog in Australia

Do Maltipoo dogs get to fly with their owners in the Cabin Area in Australia?

At the moment, dogs cannot travel within Australia (or from Australia to Australia) unless they are certified service animals (and meet all documentation requirements from the airline). Whether it is small or not, if it is just your pet, it does not count.

Generally, pet dogs such as Maltipoo cannot fly in-cabin area of planes in Australia, but they can be transported in the hold of planes. The airline will book them with the freight division, drop them off at the cargo terminal, then load them with the cargo (but with extra care) into the hold and then you will pick them up again from the cargo terminal.

There is a third option for traveling with dogs: checked baggage. Basically, they fly in the hold, but are dropped in the terminal and then picked up there, like oversized items. It is not possible to travel this way in Australia, except on certain routes served by Regional Express (REX).

What Airlines and Flights Allow Pets to Fly in Australia?

In Australia, there are three main options for flying your Maltipoo dog: Qantas (including Qantaslink), Virgin Australia, and Regional Express (REX). Qantas and Virgin both have Pet transportation services on their freight divisions. Whether pets are being hauled directly or indirectly as freight depends on the route that REX flies from capital cities and major cities to regional airports.

The discount airline Jetstar, operated by Qantas, does not accept animals on board. Many discount airlines operate internationally, such as Ryanair and EasyJet. Jetstar operates under code-sharing agreements with Qantas on flights operated by Jetstar.

There are dozens of regional airlines in Australia, most of which operate from one airport. It is rare for these airlines to mention pets, or if they do, it is only in the context of freight transportation with Qantas.

Occasionally, Virgin and Qantas refuse to accept pets on their flights. There is no temperature control on Virgin’s A320 planes in Western Australia, which makes traveling with pets impossible.

There are a number of airports from which pets can be flown from and to that don’t have the facilities to accommodate them. During the booking process, it is necessary to verify that all flight times are covered by the freight terminal; this should be done before booking.

Taking a large dog on a flight may also pose an issue because some small planes cannot fit crates of that size. Unless you are flying between the capitals of the states, this shouldn’t be a problem. Rather than flying your pet across an interstate, you should consider whether it is feasible to fly the pet across a regional area first. Virgin lists an explanation of which crates sizes are or are not permitted on their aircraft in this page.

flying across australia with Qantas
flying across australia with Qantas

Regional Express (REX) provides pet transportation

The method in which REX flies varies according to the route, as I mentioned above. PETS are treated like “checked baggage” by REX since it doesn’t have a freight division. They are packed in their crate at check-in and flown as excess baggage, similarly to what a golf bag does.

It is important to note, however, that for REX to fly through the airport, not all animal types are permitted besides assistance dogs. There are no pet-friendly airports in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Newcastle, Perth and Townsville. In Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia, pets cannot be transported as excess baggage on REX flights. (At present, Newcastle Airport does not operate REX flights.)

Bringing your pet along on REX flights in South Australia or Western Australia requires you to arrange that your pet be lodged with Qantas Freight. Following these steps is much the same as when traveling with your pet on Qantas. Dogtainers, a company that transports pets, is required for REX customers in Queensland.

In addition to these routes, pets can be carried as excess baggage for flights to and from Sydney and Melbourne Airports. Weight limits apply to excess baggage, however, as they do to all excess baggage. The crate and the dog must be over 30 kilograms for them to be transported by freight. You can find more information on their FAQ page

Flying In qantas with your dog

Flying With Maltipoo Dog In Australia

However, like for all excess baggage, there is a weight limit. For dogs over 30kg, including their crate, they must fly as freight. For further details, see their FAQ.

There are some tips to know before flying with maltipoo dog in Australia

How to book your pet for an Australian flight?

Booking your Maltipoo’s flight before your own is the best option if you are flying together with your Maltipoo Dog in Australia. As discussed above, there are instances where pets cannot be taken on board (for example, specific planes, airports or time periods). There are also some instances when pets are not allowed (for example, on certain routes, airports and times of the day).

As compared with most human bookings, cancellations and changes for pet reservations are usually quite generous. Pet tickets purchased from Qantas can be refunded up to 14 days before travel (for example). Whether you are booking your pet’s flight last minute or not, the price is the same no matter what your tickets say.

Qantas is the easiest airline to book for me and my dog. For pets weighing less than 65kg and crates that cannot exceed 65lbs, you can make a booking on their site or create a quote. The booking portal can be accessed by clicking here. We booked our own tickets online as soon as we booked the flight for our dog with Qantas.

Bookings for pets with Virgin Australia must be made via their customer service line (13 67 89). Over the phone, we booked our tickets and our pet’s tickets without paying the normal call center fees.


Before you book your pet in advance, you will need to know your pet’s crate size, weight, and basket size. Your pet’s travel restrictions are determined by this information.

How Much Does it Cost to Fly Your Maltipoo in Australia?

If you decide to fly your pet in Australia, the price will vary according to how much baggage you want to buy, or specifically the weight of your pet along with their crate. What is the cost of flying a dog across state lines (or within a state)?

The ticket price for Qantas is determined based on your Maltipoo Crate Size size. In general, the cheapest fares are available for pets which fit into crates no larger than 48 x 38 x 33 cm. For pets traveling in XXL crates that measure 129 x 62 x 82 cm, the fares are the most expensive.

Our Maltipoo dog stayed in crates which fit in the M category when we were in Sydney late  year with his crate. The price of his ticket was $137.50, while our tickets were around $140 each.

Before you book your pet in advance, you will need to know your pet's crate size, weight, and basket size. Your pet's travel restrictions are determined by this information.
Flying with Maltipoo dog in Australia

The price of your ticket depends on the weight of your pet and their crate when traveling with Virgin Australia. In order of smallest weight category to largest weight category, 1 to 10kg is the smallest followed by 11 to 20kg, etc.

In spite of the fact that he was in between the two smallest weight categories last time we flew with him, we weren’t quite sure which weight category to choose for our dog. I had to make the booking without checking the total weight because I didn’t have his crate in front of me.

Our call center employee recommended the 11 to 20kg category when weighing the total weight of 10kg and 11kg (unfortunately, the call center employee didn’t know what the policy was if the weight was rounded off or up). He paid $115 for his ticket on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne in late 2019, as opposed to our ticket price of $117.

(In retrospect, it would have been cheaper to fly in the lighter weight category, as he weighed just under 10kg when he was dropped off at the terminal. There was no proper procedure for getting a refund if he weighed less, as we were told at the time we booked. We received the refund after waiting several hours after we called and filled out the online form. Due to his weight difference, we would have had to pay more to drop him off.  )

In the case of Maltipoo dog travelling with REX as excess baggage, the cost for flying your Maltipoo is based upon their weight plus the weight of its crate. There is no difference between the excess baggage fee and the regular fee, which is $7.70 per kilogram. In the event that your pet weighs 5 kilograms and resides in a crate that holds 5 kilograms, you will be charged $70.00. There is a possibility that pet carriers will charge different rates.

Those sample prices only apply to flights on which we are accompanied by a pet (accompanied pet price). Our pet’s flight cost was slightly higher when it was not traveling with us, such as when it left quarantine in Melbourne and flew to meet us in Sydney.

Does every dog breed have the right to fly?

There are some conditions associated with flying for most breeds of dogs in Australia.

Besides being forbidden from being imported into Australia, dangerous dog breeds also cannot be flown within Australia (if they are already here):

  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasilerio
  • American Pit Bull and other Pit Bull Breeds
  • Perro de Presa Canari
  • Japanese Tosa
Restricted breeds from flying

Breeds other than the CR-82 or a guard dog cage approved by the airline may travel as long as they are transported in a special non-plastic crate. Virgin mentions pets in general, but Qantas mentions American Staffordshire Terriers specifically as needing these crates.

Secondarily, brachycephalic and snub-nosed breeds may have problems flying, as these breeds are prone to increased levels of heat stress and breathing difficulties. This page lists dogs and cats with snub-noses, according to Virgin.

Unlike most overseas airlines, Virgin Australia and Qantas generally allow these breeds in their hold. They also add additional conditions and require the signing of an indemnification form.

Some recent incidents have prompted the government to introduce additional restrictions. With few exceptions, it is no longer permitted on many routes, and pet transport must be arranged with a pet carrier. You should check ahead in case the rules have changed in recent months.

Consult with your veterinarian first if your dog has a snub nose before traveling by air, and provide your dog with a crate twice the size of the one recommended by Qantas if your dog has a snub nose. Qantas prohibits the flight of snub-nosed dogs over 20 degrees, whereas Virgin Airlines doesn’t allow them over 5 years.


We have tried our best to give you readers about vivid description of flying with your maltipoo dog in Australia. But the best approach to use to be safe is to contact with the airlines directly and get detail information about the whole process. If you need help you can contact us and we always ready to help our readers.

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