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Maltipoo breeders in Switzerland

Looking for Maltipoo breeders in Switzerland? Mills Maltipoo home are a reputable maltipoo breeder in Switzerland and has partnered with other Maltipoo breeders in Europe to provide you with healthy and beautiful maltipoo puppies for sale.

Out of a small hobby breeder of toy Maltipoo began in the year of 1988, The Maltipoo Puppy from Switzerland, was founded by Mr. Christian Haldimann. Today from this small hobby a real passion has grown. The Maltipoo Puppy from Switzerland, has become a professional kennel for Maltipoo.

Thanks to 30 years of professional breeding experience and the finest quality Maltipoo Puppy from Switzerland, has reached a level of quality and is an internationally respected specialist for Maltipoo. Our Maltipoo puppies are famous all over the world, and our Maltipoo puppies are very successful in all areas, because our special love to our Maltipoos and special care for our Maltipoo puppies.

We are breeding Maltipoo dogs with the passion and a lot of knowledge. We show our dogs in puppy and champion class.
The Maltipoo Dog. The Maltipoo has a very friendly and playful character. The Maltipoo has a very happy and playful temperament. The Maltipoo has a very high level of intelligence.

What makes Switzerland Maltipoo breeders the best?

Maltipoo puppies can be purchased from Maltipoo breeders in Switzerland. There are several different Maltipoo breeders to choose from, but what makes these breeders the best? To begin with, Maltipoo puppies from these breeders are healthy and happy.

They live in their own homes and are cared for by their owners, not by workers in a puppy mill. These breeders do not breed Maltipoos in order to make a profit.

They breed them because they are passionate about the breed. Maltipoos are given the best possible care. They are fed the best food and receive the best medical care when necessary.

Maltipoo Puppy Switzerland

How to choose a Maltipoo puppy in Switzerland?

Thinking about getting your very own Maltipoo puppy? You’re in luck! It’s a great time to buy a Maltipoo puppy. We’ve got an amazing selection of Maltipoo puppies just waiting to meet you. Our Maltipoo puppies are from the most trusted Maltipoo breeders in Switzerland.

All of our Maltipoo puppies are fully vetted, well-socialized, and ready for their forever homes. We work with only the best Maltipoo breeders so you can feel confident about your decision. With just a few clicks you can find a Maltipoo breeder in Switzerland. Start shopping today!

Where to adopt a maltipoo puppy in zurich

Maltipoos are very popular in the world and are sometimes mistaken as maltese poodles. The first dog of this kind was discovered in 1997 and was named as Maggie. Since then many people are adopting this breed and are very loving it.

Maltipoo puppies are among the most adorable dog breeds that you can see in the world. In case if you want to an adorable maltipoo puppy for adoption in Switzerland, then you can contact the local Maltipoo breeders.

They are found all over the state and you can have a check on the Maltipoo breeders website and have a look at the puppies for adoption, so you can select the puppy you like.

3 Best Maltipoo Rescues In Switzerland

Animal Shelters in Switzerland

The best Swiss animal shelters are located in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne and Geneva. Animal shelters in Switzerland are supported by the public and the government through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. The government funds municipality animal shelters and the work of the animal welfare organizations.

Below are the five most used Animal shelter home in Switzerland.


ROLDA Suisse was set up by people who really cared about animals and wanted to share that love. The Association offers every year several programs of solidarity, at national level, supporting low pensioners and the families that take care of dogs or cats. Their goal is to generate awareness in Switzerland regarding how important is to protect animals.

Lolita Morena, a world famous celebrity and animal activist, has convinced many people in Switzerland to sign petitions for equality between human beings and living organisms.

Even though their association is non-profit and spends most of its money on fundraising initiatives, ROLDA still ensures it recruits only very qualified staff members each season so that donations are always used wisely.

Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation

Around the world, many animals live in unfairly cramped conditions, either in shelters or in colonies while they struggle to survive within the wild. All too often, pets are mistreated in one way or another and their owners find themselves unable to care for them anymore because of a change in circumstance.

The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation strives to reduce animal suffering through understanding that poor treatment causes physical and psychological harm that can lead to disease and death.

We do this by implementing effective measures into our organization’s individual programs such as pet support and behavioral counseling to give animals the best quality of life we can provide.


Many Swiss animal shelters operate at their financial and time-related limits. Many of them take care of animals that other people have already given up on, and it is those cases in particular that require even more time and resources than others.

To support such animal shelters, NetAP steps in to finance much-needed surgical procedures for those animals whose environment may be too stressful for them to fully heal.

This support is possible not least thanks to our close collaboration with the vet clinic belonging to one of our board members Dr. Enrico Clavadetscher .


We hope you enjoyed our blog about Maltipoo breeders in Switzerland. We hope that you are now able to find Maltipoo breeders in Switzerland that you are happy with. If you would like to learn more about our maltipoo or any other maltipoo puppies for sale in Switzerland, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Find Maltipoo dogs and puppies for sale in Switzerland classifieds. If you are looking to find Maltipoo Puppies for Sale or even Maltipoo dogs for adoption in Switzerland then the place to be is because we are your one stop shop for everything Maltipoo when it comes down to finding a purebreed dog of your choosing.

We make it easy for you by making sure that you get access to great listings of Maltipoo puppies only from reputable breeders so you can avoid being scammed by shady people trying to swindle money off your pockets by selling nothing more than mutts with tags.

Mills Maltipoo Home is where you will find all the best information about maltipoos and other great purebred dogs which is why we have placed this link here just in case anyone is interested in learning as much as they can about any specific breeds before deciding on whether or not they want them as puppies!

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