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Maltipoo Care During Winter In Australia

Maltipoo Care During Winter

Maltipoo care during winter in Australia. The care for your Maltipoo will vary between seasons in Australia. You need to take extra care of your Maltipoo during the colder seasons in order to help them adapt to the climate changes. This article will highlight some tips you can use to help keep your furry friend safe, healthy, and warm this winter in Australia.

If there is anything you do not understand from this article, I will advice you contact us directly and ask your questions and i will be very much happy to help you take good care of your fur baby this winter and many other winters to come.


1) Make Sure Your Maltipoo's Nose is Protected

Lips that are chapped are something that we all experience.  The pain is intense and uncomfortable.  As bad as chapped noses are for humans, they can also happen to dogs.  Due to the fact that dogs lick their nose hundreds of times daily, their noses are very vulnerable to this.  When a dog goes outside in cold weather and winds for extended periods, his nose can chap as a result of moisture stored in his nose from his own saliva due to the constant licking of his noise.

During the severe winter period in Australia, if a Maltipoo develops a chapped nose, it may peel and even crack, leaving it susceptible to infection.

During the winter, use butter or balm on your Maltipoo’s nose to keep it moisturized and healthy.  Starting to use this product in the fall prior chapping development is the best way to prevent chapping.  As mentioned previously, if the nose of your Maltipoo has already chapped, being overly dry, been peeling, or has experienced minor to moderate cracking, a good balm can help.

Basically, I suggest using a balm that is made from organic ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, Fukui nut oil, jojoba oil, rosemary, and natural Vitamin E.  This is best used once per week to keep your Maltipoo Dog’s nose healthy in the winter.  You can use it two or three times every day to reduce nose cracking and chapping.

2) Maintain an appropriate level of moisture in the air.

Due to the cold air holding much less moisture, the air is considerably dryer during winters in Australia. Heating can cause the air to become even drier when it is turned on. This can cause Maltipoo puppies to suffer through the winter arid conditions. The consequences include sensitive itchy skin, irritated eyes, and increased snoring or coughing due to dry nasal and breathing passages.

Are there any ways to maintain moisture levels? The Internet is filled with plenty of DIY tricks and tips that might work, but be aware that they may not give noticeable results. The following things can help: keep the bathroom door open when you shower, leave bowls of water outside over heating elements, and add houseplants

In order to bring moisture to a dry environment, humidifiers are the best option. You should place one next to your Maltipoo’s sleeping area if you can’t obtain enough moisture to cover the entire house.

3) Make sure your Maltipoo's paws are protected
Maltipoo care during winter in australia 2021

Maltipoo Care During Winter

Maltipoo Puppy Australia Paws Protection

Walking on cold surfaces during the winter can cause your Maltipoo’s paws to become overly dry. Due to warm body heat, snow between the toes can melt and become ice, causing the snowball to roll. Your Maltipoo will be extremely uncomfortable if the skin is stretched out in this way. In addition, slippery surfaces can lead to traction loss. Other problems include chemical burns from de-icing salts, as well as wear on the paws from grit and road sand.

The dryness of your Maltipoo’s paws, due to daily contact with the ground, may result in more serious symptoms such as peeling and cracking, both of which are hard to heal.

Using a quality paw wax and massaging it into the paws at least once every two weeks is the most important part of winter care for your Maltipoo.  You can use this throughout the year as well.  As a barrier, it is useful in helping to protect from hot surfaces, as well as for protecting against allergens and irritants.

4) Warm up your Maltipoo while keeping it active

It can be extremely difficult to keep a dog active with brutal weather and a desire to stay inside during the winter months.  Maltipoos have a fine coat of hair as opposed to thick fur found on other breeds, which certainly does not help.

In addition to helping dogs maintain good physical health, regular exercise helps them maintain good mental health since being cooped up for too long can lead to restless behavior.  Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also referred to as seasonal depressive disorder, is another type of depression that can affect dogs but it is triggered by the shorter days of the winter.  This can be countered by spending time outside.

If possible, try to stick to regular scheduled walks with your Maltipoo, unless there is an active snow storm. During your pet’s walk, you should spend at least 20 minutes moving at a brisk pace.

If a dog is experiencing cold temperatures, the best tactic would be for him to wear a lined, warm vest to keep him warm.  Depending on the model, some of these verses have fleece linings and wind- and water-resistant outer layers.  Make sure you remember to take care of yourself as well once you’ve bundled up your Maltipoo dog.  The owner often rushes back inside before the dog.

You should set aside 20 minutes each day for indoor fetch during very cold weather if the temperature is below freezing just to keep your Maltipoo active. Hide treats or play hide and seek with them could be some fun ways to engage them.

5) Keep the coat and skin of your Maltipoo healthy

Winter can make your hair drier, as you may have noticed. As well, Maltipoos suffer from the same issue because they do not have fur but hair instead. A combination of cold, dry air and heat generated by the dryer makes it possible to draw moisture from hair. It is possible for your Maltipoo to develop dry patches with or without flaking. There are even times when the hair follicles can become damaged, causing hair loss. This can cause your puppy great discomfort and irritation from the dry skin.

The key to keeping your Maltipoo’s skin and coat from drying out is to keep the humidity levels up in the house as mentioned above.

  • Using a quality shampoo and conditioner every three weeks is recommended.  Winter is a time when dogs tend to spend more time indoors, so owners may not bathe them as often. Given a thorough bath to your Maltipoo isn’t just about washing off dirt and debris, but it’s also about getting your Maltipoo’s body thoroughly soaked in something that’s good for the skin and coat.

Using harsh bath products during a bath can cause more harm than good.  PH-inadequate shampoos can cause a dog’s skin to become dry. In order to save money, most pet shampoos contain formulas derived from human shampoos, which are often formulated improperly for dogs. The dogs need more of a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5 than a level 5, which is usually close to them.

In some cases, cosmetics containing generic ingredients have been linked to serious health problems like allergies and skin reactions.  There are numerous dog coat products that contain sulfates (ammonium laureate or sodium lauryl sulfate) paragons, sodium chloride, polyethylene glycols, and artificial dyes or scents.

You should wash your Maltipoo with an all-natural product.  These formulas contain soothing and restorative ingredients like coconut and are made from 100% natural ingredients.  Dry winter skin can be treated or prevented with these natural ingredients.

  • Spray your dog coat with a coat spray.  There are many advantages to using a leave-in coat spray all day long.  In addition to repelling dirt and debris, it will also prevent dry air and locks in moisture, adds shine, causes a softer texture, prevents tangles for dogs with long coats and makes your Maltipoo smell good.

As a light mist, you should use the spray 2-3 times per week, but you can also spray 2-3 times per day.  During your puppy’s brushing routine, you can spray on the product and massage it into its coat, or you can do it by hand. 

  • A topical product can help alleviate the itching if your Maltipoo has very itchy areas or if the winter has been cruel to their skin.

An itchy area can be quickly relieved with a natural spray.  Two of the most effective ingredients for itchiness have been infused into this all-natural topical spray.  You can use this every three to four hours, or as needed, with your last application occurring just before his or her bedtime.

6) Organize your Maltipoo bathroom needs in advance

Maltipoo Pee Pad

Maltipoo Care During Winter In Australia

Pee Pad Training

-Provide an alternative indoor bathroom in a different room.  Using the method of leading your Maltipoo to the designated area, staying with your dog and rewarding them when the job is done may be the best way to teach your dog to go outside.  As a result, your dog will have a solid understanding of the rules when spring arrives.

This type of set-up should be done in an area, such as a garage or a four-season porch.  It is possible to place down pee pads or to use a grass mat, which will mirror what your dog is used to outside.

Maintain a shoveled area.  Regardless of how tired you are shoveling your driveway, it’s easier to shovel right after the snow falls than after it is compacted.

Your Maltipoo can also use pee pads while lying down in its normal resting area.  You can use this method in case you have already set up an away from home situation for your dog.  To encourage your Maltipoo to use the bathroom, lead him to the pee pads, and close the door when you aren’t around so he would use the pee pads by default.

If possible, choose a sheltered spot closer to your home.  It is possible that a spot near bushes or fences has less snow than other spots. It would be even better if there was an overhang or outdoor umbrella.

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