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Miniature Maltipoo Puppies For Sale Near me

Mini Maltipoo Puppies for sale Northern Territory! Gorgeous teacup F1 Maltipoo puppies for any good home. Male and female Moodle Available In Northern Territory. These babies are mixed Bred teacup size Maltese and Poodle puppies that will stay under 5lbs at adult age.

The physical dimensions of our dogs can vary slightly from the breed standard. This is not uncommon as we work with some unusual Maltipoo dog breeds which may have a longer or shorter torso than a traditional dog, or dogs with one ear shorter or longer than the other.

Why Buy Mini Maltipoo Puppies?

They are F1 Mini Poodle, Maltese Teacup Mixed puppies. Male and female All the puppies will stay under 5lbs. They are very playful, docile and cuddly. They are the best Teacup mixed Poodle puppies. Will they grow big? Not likely! They will have Maltese genes that keep them small. They will be very small in size from birth to about 6 months of age.

I will not charge you extra for pet shots. This puppy is up to date on all shots including the bordetella shot and rabies. I have taken the puppy to a vet for a health check.

F1 Maltipoo Growth Chart

Maltipoo Growth Chart

Parents are both purebreds and fully AKC registered. We have raised this cross for the last 10 years, and have proven it to be the best family friend a person could have. Our puppies are perfect in temperaments, size, shape, and personality. These puppies are looking for a loving family, that will give them the food, attention, and love that they need. They are ready for their new homes right now. If interested in any of our puppies, just drop us an email.

All our puppies are vet checked and vaccinated. Please message us if interested in any of our puppies. Thank you.

Where To Buy Maltipoo Puppies Northern Australia?

Australia’s Northern Territory, South Australia, and Queensland, and New Zealand have a large Maltipoo Breed community. These communities and area breeders are proud to call themselves Maltipoo Breeders and Maltipoo Associations.

This will help a potential buyer to find the right puppy to suit their own lifestyle and their own home.Maltipoo Puppies for sale in Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and many more.

All puppies for sale in Australia were tested by a professional vet, health checked, and are all up to date on their vaccinations. I offer puppies for sale from our two litters of Maltese and Poodle pups. These puppies are very healthy, playful, loving, and good-natured. They are smart and very cute

Maltipoo Breeders In Northern Territory

Getting a Maltipoo from shelters or rescue groups is a great option. However, most people want to adopt Maltipoo puppies because they do not know where to get one from. But before you get the dog you have always wanted, why not check the local animal shelters and rescue groups? If you can do this then you’ll probably find yourself with a very sweet dog of your own. Because you are searching for Maltipoo puppies to buy then it is best to go online so you can find the best seller of these dogs.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about available Maltipoo Puppies for sale in Northern Australia.

How Much Should I Pay For A Maltipoo IN Northern Territory?

A Maltipoo can cost from $600 to $4,000 depending on the breeder and where you get the puppy from. There are also several other factors to consider when looking at a pet’s price, including health guarantees, microchipping, vaccination records, food, water, toilet and cattery expenses, and grooming costs. Once you have chosen the right breeder and puppy for your requirements, make sure you get a written health guarantee and ask about puppies in advance to ensure they are vaccinated and will be suitable for your home and family. F1 Maltipoo puppies for sale.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new puppy snuggling into your lap. Whether you are a first-time owner or a seasoned one, this is a moment you’ll never forget! If you want to spoil your dog with something a bit different, the miniature Maltipoo Puppies from Mills Maltipoo Home are perfect. You get to experience the thrill of bringing home your very own pet, but at a fraction of the price! Puppies come from the highest quality of homebred Maltese Poodles, and raised in our home.

Location: Northern Territory, Australia
Posted on: Dec, 2021
Category: Pets
Price: $1500
Age: Puppy
Breed: F1 Maltipoo
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Mini Maltipoo Puppies for sale in Northern Territory

Giving your puppy adequate nutrition is essential for a healthy and happy dog. Many dogs should be fed three or four meals per day, although feeding puppies six times per day will often result in overfeeding. There are special feeding times for puppies, the first feeding being after youaning. The second feeding is the morning meal, this feeding should be about half the food ration that was fed the night before.

Your puppy should be fed a diet that is high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, an ample supply of fibre, calcium, and vitamins and minerals. Your puppy will do well if fed a balanced diet of a commercial puppy food, cooked in their own pot and always measured out by your vet.

Tanami Maltipoo Breeders Near Me

What is bad about a Maltipoo?

Maltipoos tend to be social dogs and can become very nervous when they are left alone. They need to know that they can get plenty of time with other pet of their choice. A Maltipoo who is left alone in a home, can be likely to become upset and anxious. Most people with a Maltipoo prefer a dog that loves human companionship. And this is the reason why many Maltipoo puppies are looking for a loving home to spend the rest of their lives together. So if you’re looking for a Maltipoo Puppy, and have the means to raise one, then please get in touch with the breeder at mills Maltipo home.

The Maltipoo Puppies have been bred from only the highest quality parents. Only the best will do. We will be available for dog rearing or puppy raising from 1 January 2022. They are very healthy,

what is a phantom maltipoo?

While Maltipoos are very common in the dog world, there are many different color combinations. The rarest of Maltipoos is the one that has two colors in two different places on its body . This is called a tri-color Maltipoo.

What is an F1 Maltipoo?

A Maltipoo is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle, but with the coat color and head of a Poodle. F1 Maltipoo Means a direct Mixture of a pure breed Poodle and a pure breed Maltese to bring forth and F1 Maltipoo dog. The American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted F1s in 1952 to produce an improved dog. Maltipoos come in all sizes and weights, but they normally weigh between five a half and eight pounds. They can easily be handled by one person. These little pups come from the F1 Maltipoo breeding program in Australia. They have been registered with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information on this litter. 

How big does an F1 Maltipoo get?

Most toys Maltipoo are between 9 and 13 inches in height and weigh between 2 and 5 pounds depending on the breed. The Maltipoo is a medium-sized toy or Miniature Dog Breed. The toy size is relatively proportional to the Maltese.

What's the difference between F1 and F2 dogs?

Designer dogs are created by mating purebred dogs of different breeds. The F1 and F2 generations are the results of mating two individuals. The only differences in the traits are the genes involved in the breeding. Some of the traits may vary from generation to generation. These Mix bred puppies are the result of a special dog breeding program. These breeding puppies are registered in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, and India and international registration is available.


If you have a busy lifestyle, a Maltipoo may not be the dog for you. Not only do they require a lot of time and attention, they also require lots of exercise. If you have very little time to spend with your dog, a Maltipoo may not be the right dog for you. 

If you are still interested in getting a Maltipoo puppy after reading this blog post, we recommend checking out our available puppy page for cute Malitpoo puppies for sale in Northern Territory Australia. They have a very nice selection of Maltipoo puppies with a 14 day breeding and shipping guarantee. Thank you for reading this blog post and we hope you have a great day!

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