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Teacup Maltipoo Puppies in NSW

Teacup Maltipoo for sale NSW: Mills Maltipoo Puppies is selling teacup maltipoo puppies in NSW. A wide selection of Maltipoo puppies of different colors are available to our clients. Usually, our Maltipoo puppies are between 3-6 months old. The teddy beer faces and small compact size makes them perfect for little hands. Mill maltipoo puppies for sale. In addition to the apricot, red, cream, parti colors, cream white, apricot white, black and white, and others, we also offer Moodle puppies in a variety of colors.


Mill’s Maltipoos home maintains a special nursey for keeping their puppies in good health. Mother dogs are monitored closely during the delivery process to ensure their health. The litter will enter the nursery after reaching 4 weeks of age.

It is at this point that Maltipoo puppies are taught housebreaking. In the room dedicated to crates, you will find comfortable beds and toys. Our goal is to ensure that the pups are raised in a loving and caring environment.

We equally do partner with other breeders in New South Wales that breeds the best quality maltipoo puppies for sale in NSW. These breeders are known to produce quality over quantity and the ensure that the maltipoo puppies from their kennel are nothing but the best. Mills Maltipoo puppies also ensure that we get puppies or advertise only breeders that breed fors excellent making it possible for the Maltipoo lovers lovers in NSW only get the best Maltipoo puppies nearest to their location. The maltipoo puppies for sale in NSW are fully wined with crate and potty trained. For more information about available maltipoo puppies in NSW, Contact us directly through email or check our available puppy page.

Teacup Cup Maltipoo puppies for good home in New South Wales for sale

This teacup Maltipoo puppy is looking for a good home. Each species has a male and a female. When these babies reach adulthood, their weight will never exceed 5lbs. Besides having short coats, short legs, and button noses, they also have chubby bodies. Their health has been checked by a veterinarian. Documentation for all necessary medical procedures is included. Declawing was done along with docking the tails. Please contact us for more information.

Price range: $500 to $1,000 per puppy, $400 deposit, full payment at pick-up or delivery in cash

Maltese, Yorkies, Toy Poodles, and a host of other small and designer dog breeds like Maltipoos, Yorkies, Toy Poodles, and Maltese are also available at Mills Maltipoo Puppies in NWS Australia.

This is a family-owned and operated business in which everyone contributes to breeding and rearing the puppies. Our puppies are carefully raised and bred with love.

Puppies are no longer being shipped by plane. It is also possible to fly to NSW and pick up the puppy at the airport if you live in a faraway area.

Meet the Maltipoos in person by scheduling a puppy visit. On an appointment basis, we offer this service Monday through Saturday between 8 AM and 3:30 PM.

Five weeks is the minimum age at which Maltipoo puppies can be taken home.

Within 48 hours after you get your Maltipoo home, get it back to your veterinarian for a checkup to ensure its health. You must follow the 48-hour rule if something comes up within the next 48 hours, otherwise you are accepting the pup as it is without being able to force McHenry to respond.



Teacup Maltipoo for sale NSW

Teacup Maltipoo for sale NSW

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Are Tecup Maltipoo Good With Kids?

As the teacup Maltipoo puppies are a growing favorite in NSW, many people having kids are wondering if this breed is good with kids. It is important to first know that Maltipoo is a very smart dog coming from the bloodline of poodles and Maltase. These dogs can be trained easily and can fit in any environment be it in an apartment or a home. They are considered very good indoor pets. With their loving and gentle nature, Maltipoo gets along very well with kids and other pets, but due to their tiny size they could easily be injured, As such we recommend families with children older than who know exactly how to handle smaller dogs.

It is generally not a problem for Maltipoos to get along with dogs and pets. Both apartment dwellers and homeowners can thrive with maltipoos. The energy level inside their homes is high. If Maltipoos are left alone for long periods of time frequently, they can suffer from separation anxiety.

Where to buy a Teacup Maltipoo Puppy In NSW

It is normal to adopt a dog from the Rescue or take one from a friend’s litter if they did not neuter their dogs. But if you are looking to purchase a Maltipoo Puppy from a reputable breeder in New South Wales, It can be very stressful and takes a lot of time to find a breeder that haves an available puppy at that time to give out. 

Mills Maltipoo puppy as a member of the Maltipoo club in NSW Australia has made buying of a Maltipoo puppy in NSW as easy as ABC. We connect with lots of reputable breeders and work hand in hand to always provide timely and valuable information to our client on which Maltipoo breeder in NSW has puppies available and how to get one to your home. Due to the pandemic situation, shipping has been a problem we equally help arrange with an experience pet courier service in NSW to handle the transportation of the puppy till it arrives at its final destination. 

We are strongly against puppy mills or pet shops in NSW as such we do our best to fight the inhumane practice of the breed. Below is the list of reputable sites where you can browse from the comfort of your home and get Maltipoo puppies In NSW delivered to your doorsteps.

Teacup Maltipoo Breeders in NSW

  1. Cottage Canine Australie: They are one of the breeders within NSW australia that offers one of  the best quality of Moodle puppies at very affordable prices. Their customer service and knowledge about the breed is excellent and will go a long way out of their way to help you secure a Maltipoo Puppy from Them. Cottage canine , are by far the best of what they do and you will be of the lucky few to acquire a Maltipoo dog from them.
  2. Gumtree : They are one of the biggest online website in Australia that advertises puppies from breeders through out Australia. If you seeking to adopt puppies and do not know where to begin, you can check out for available puppies and can equally contact with the site management to help you out.
  3. Pet Link Australia : offering the same service as Gumtree, They advertise on their platform various dog breeds from reputable breeders and models are among some smaller dogs they do advertise. You can check out their website and see if there is any puppy that meet your demand and make sure to make a careful backgrown check of the Maltipoo breeder before your proceed with the adoption process.
  4. Fluffy Puppies : They are professional breeders specializing in breeding intelligent, non-shedding, devoted companions with beautiful temperaments. Our puppies are small to medium-sized, low-maintenance puppies, guaranteed to play happily with families or more mature owners. To help you choose the best puppy to suit your lifestyle, Fluffy puppies home are one of the best places to get any dog breed within australia

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